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Chris has extensive senior experience and in-depth industry knowledge. His experience has been honed through the practical hands-on experience of running many different businesses, which has enabled him to help clients in periods of business transformation.

During his career Chris operated at international Board level and negotiated and led mergers and acquisitions, structured MBOs and disposed of poorly performing operations.

This hands on breadth of experience enables Chris to help organisations in most areas of business transformation. During the last few years CEO mentoring, divisional department restructuring and strategic planning have brought significant profitable improvements to a wide range of businesses.

Results-based fees, proven expertise and demonstrable ROI

Headstrong Consultants are confident of their ability to add value to organisations so fee structures can be results-based, which could minimise client exposure and the need for upfront funding.

We are committed to performing effectively as a specialist on your team through rapid analysis that can be turned quickly into action and positive outcomes.

It takes a specialist to deliver demonstrable value

The advent of online candidate sources can be viewed as both a blessing and a curse. While candidates appear to be available in numbers, workaday recruiters are restricted to addressing only the visible market, which tends to mean that only the mediocre are readily sourced while the “best of breed” remain out of sight.
Headstrong Consultants specialise in a specialist sector of the market and are dedicated defence, security & technology sector experts. Specialism gives Headstrong a deep and thorough knowledge of the market, its unique culture and emerging trends. During the last decade we have delivered a wide range of searches for international clients and success can be measured against our 93% repeat business.

Nothing beats having been there, seen it and done it

While client awareness is important in many business endeavours, to achieve success in the defence, security & technology sectors executive search can only be delivered with a thorough understanding of client needs. Headstrong’s critical understanding of requirements is borne out of a strong track record of working and running organisations across these sectors. This level of extensive experience is essential to gain empathy and provide vision to support specific individual requirements.

Knowing where to look

Having worked extensively across the defence, security & technology sectors for so long we know where many of the high performers are situated. Headstrong has developed trusted relationships with organisations and individuals that enable us to advance client and candidate needs in total confidence.  We may well have a solution-in-waiting although we would never mobilise it until we have fully understood and defined your requirements. From a defined brief, we can build a strong candidate case from our knowledge, contacts, industry sources and pure search methodologies.

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